Sunday, September 10, 2006

Road Trip

Flashback (if you would) to 25 August 2006:
My friend Tera, visiting Iowa for the first time, was really excited to see corn.  On our first road trip together, just when hopping on the freeway, Tera saw her first corn.  After a delighted squeal of "Oh! Corn!,' out came the camera, and flash went the bulb.
After a bit of driving, and more corn, Tera got out her camera once more to take, this time, video of the corn fields while driving.  She could be overheard saying 'Wow, that's a lot of corn.' 
Later in the day, further into the drive, Tera exclaimed, 'Is there anything here besides corn?'  To which my reply was, 'Nope.'
Needless to say, by the end of the day, Tera was tired of looking at corn.
Now, forward your mind to 10 September and replace the following words:
Wendy for Diane
Tera for Wendy
Iowa for New Zealand 
corn for sheep
...and you now have the jist of my first road trip.  In fact, I commented to Diane how they could have possibly filmed all three Lord of the Rings movies entirely in New Zealand and didn't have sheep in a single shot.  That deserves an Oscar in itself.
Having said that, the scenery was incredible, and pictures will never do words.  Besides the fact that I was car sick the entire way home, the trip itself wasn't half baaaaaaad.

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