Thursday, September 21, 2006

Animal Magnetism

A true story. (As if I could actually make this
stuff up...):

On Saturday (later in the evening), I went into y room
to have some alone time. I noticed, climbing up the
wall (very slowly) a snail (I know, weird, right?), a
bit bigger than one of those big marbles that you use
to hit smaller marbles. So, I fetched Ian to get it
off the wall for me. He happily obliged.

apparently, snails run RAMPID around this part of the
world, and I am lucky to have only seen one. Even
though I live in a very nice house, it is old, as are
all of the houses in this city, and holes are bound to
be found. If I were a snail, I'd want to be inside
too (although it isn't actually much warmer than
outside). I've seen three since then (obviously
because now I am looking for them!).

Last night, while filling up my water bottle(s) with
boiling hot water, and having a(nother) cup of tea, I
saw another snail (same size, maybe the same one?)
climbing up the wall in the kitchen. This time, I
decided to let it go (secretly, though, Ian was
already sleeping, so I knew he couldn't come and get
it for me).

But then, just when I thought I had seen it all, the
cat batted it off the wall. And ate it.

Happy Friday!

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