Monday, September 11, 2006

The BEST news!

Well, at least the best news I've had in a week...
But it wasn't easy.
After 13 phone calls this morning, and trying to work around Diane's schedules, I had it worked out to visit 4 places.  Not very good odds.  The first two places were both repulsive, and after visiting the second, and knowing there were only two more, I was virtually in tears.
But, then the clouds parted, and the sky sang out, and I was directed to my third (time's a charm) place.  It is a delightful little house on a busy road, and within my view, very close, is the sky tower in Auckland.  The suburb is called Grey Lynn, and it is right outside of the CBD (Central Business District, or midtown, where I have been staying and would have liked to live had it not been so expensive).  Upon arrival I was immediately enamoured by the cute place (and still suffering from the sight of the previous two, it was for sore eyes). 
It is currently inhabited by three people, mid twenties to mid thirties, all professional, all tidy.  The room is ADORABLE, odd shaped, with high ceilings and a huge picture window.  I have high speed internet, a washer and dryer, some furniture, plus electric, gas, phone, water included in the price of rent. 
I won't bore you with any more details, except that I can hardly tell you how unbelievably excited (and relieved) I am at this point.  I can't actually describe it in words.  Be sure to ask me about how excited I am next time we talk on the phone.
On a more sad note...
It's really wierd for it to be September 11th here, when I know it's only September 10th in the states.  But, be assured, my thoughts have been at home all day.
Life is good..

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