Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My first day at school

Well, not really.

Yesterday, when visiting the school, I had mentioned
that I would be glad to come and administer the tests
so that the teacher wouldn't have to have relief
workers in her classroom. She was so excited, and
wanted me to come. But, not really knowing if that
would be alright with confidentiality and things that,
in Waukee, we'd red flag, I went today with hesitation
that I would actually be helping, but instead would
likely just be observing.

When I got there today, though, she had actually made
a list of the kiddos that she wanted me to read with -
more than half of the class! If I really thought
about the situation, I secretly laughed inside, that
here I am, a total stranger, administering tests to
kids I don't know in a school that I had never been
to. :)

On top of that, it was Grandparents Day today as well.
I offered to stay around and lend a hand, which was
accepted. When the grandparents started arriving, the
kids were out playing on the playground. So Di, the
teacher, invited me to tea, which is where many of the
grandparents and teachers were heading. When we got
to the lounge, I about fell over when I saw how tea
was served. Now, before I explain this, remember that
it is a British and Kiwi culture to have tea many
times a day and with most meals, but even after two
weeks of drinking tea non-stop, I was still shocked to
see a GIANT white box, about 4 cubic square feet, full
of hot boiling water, mounted on the wall. It's kept
full and hot all day. The thing looks like a HUGE
first-aid box that would be mounted on a wall! And
the huge canisters of tea bags, sugar, milk, etc.! It
was a HOOT!

Anywho - the kiddos, this term, have been studying
immigration (as all New Zealanders, like Americans,
really descend from somewhere else), so it was an
opportunity for the grandparents to share their
stories and pictures with the kids. Unknown to me,
though, Di decided to introduce me, in front of all
the kids, grandparents, parents, and assistant
principal, as an immigrant too (which is so true) and
I got to speak as well. It was pretty neat.

Then, after lunch, Diane had a meeting, so she left me
in charge. Without proof that I am even a teacher,
mind you. We read a book, played a math game, and
drew. The school day ends at three, so I was done

What a day.

Talk to you soon!


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