Thursday, September 21, 2006

More vocabulary lessons

The shock to me still seems to come at the strange
words used, and the naughtiness of the television.
There is no holding back to what they'll show or say,
and I never cease to be shocked by a new commercial
each week...

This one isn't quite as graphic as the shower one
previously mentioned, but is appalling in it's own
way. It begins with a lady sitting in a chair,
talking to the television viewers. She says, 'I am
about to give myself a vaginal thrush. Right here in
front of all of these men.' (Pan in to all of the
camera and film crew, who have suddenly become very
interested). She proceeds to take a Diflucan pill
(for you men, that's a yeast infection pill), drinks a
bit of water, and says, 'See how easy that was?'


I have been volunteering at Richmond Road primary this
week, as I realized after observing on Tuesday, that
they use the same assessment tools as we used in
Waukee, and I became of some help administering them.
I stayed around each day after the tests to observe
and work with the kiddos, so I've been there full days
all through the week. One fun sentence I heard was
"Miss Wendy, can I please have a plaster?" which
sounded like this: "Miss When-dee, con I plies hov a
ploster?" and which meant: "Miss Wendy, can I please
have a band-aid?"

But my favorite memory from this week happened today.
It was the end of term assembly, and the principal was
calling out names of students who had received
playground awards. One final winner was called up to
draw a prize out of the bag. Upon retrieving the
package, the young lad opened it up, and Hayley the
principal, was describing the items to the children
who couldn't see them. It went like this, "Oh,
there's a pen, and a pad of paper, and a pink rubber."

(After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I was
assured by the lady next to me that a rubber means an

It's the little things I like the best...

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