Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hellow from Auckland!!

I am here! 
I am definitely allergic to Diane's cat, which will make for a long week.
I usually hate e-mails like this, but you won't get many, I promise.  I am sending it to a few, with explicit instructions to delete this paragraph before sending it on to the rest of the family.  I just wanted to share a few thoughts on NZ for you. 
I am in the middle of Auckland - Diane's place is ideally situated.   The sky tower is two blocks north, and (sneeze) the ocean is two blocks south.  It's a bit chilly here, but very tolerable. 
I started my day at the library then headed to the bank to open an account.  I put in $50 and got $88 back. 
The kiwi word I have heard far too many times today: heaps.  I.e. 'That calling card will give you heaps of minutes.' Only you have to say it like this: hipes.
I had lamb for lunch.  It was delicious.
The kiwis are very  funky trendy and fashionable by nature, which is quite nice.  I even have all of their fashions in my suitcase - al I'll have to do is put on a bunch of stuff that doesn't match, and I'll look great.  And I am serious. 
The boys are VERY good looking.  :)
Shaving cream costs $7.59 per can.  So I'll just use soap. 
And Diane (sneeze) has a heated towel bar in her bathroom.  Luxury.
Besides the fact that my friends and family aren't here, I think I am going to like New Zealand...

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