Friday, September 08, 2006

Day Three

Happy Friday morning!

(Having been here for so long and all), I have decided that, as a whole, the nation of New Zealand is a lot less censored and more outgoing in language and behavior (or behaviour, if you please). See the following examples as proof. (This e-mail not intended for the faint of heart):

Last night, DIane and I watched a re-run of a news show that covered the recent Erotica Expo (which I am bummed I wasn't here in time for). I saw all sorts of private body parts, male and female, numerous times. It was playing on national t.v. At about 8pm. I am sure many young children were watching. With their parents. Because why not, right??
Then, this morning, I was watching the Good Morning show (similar to the Today show or Good Morning America). The feature band, which played to start the show, was named The Bitches. But they did dress cute, which obviously makes it perfectly acceptable.
Lastly, to close my case, is my favorite example. I saw the following billboard on the side of a large building:

If you use, New Zealand's fastest
online shopping, you'll have more time to do
the things you love.

Like your wife.

I laughed all the way home. And then more when I got home. I am actually still laughing now.

George W. Bush would have a fit...

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