Monday, September 18, 2006

A drink with jam and bread

I drink tea like it's going out of style.

Tea, tea, tea.

Tea with milk. Tea with (fresh Maori) honey. Tea
with milk AND honey. Tea with (fresh-squeezed
orange/lemon). Tea with honey AND orange/lemon. But
never tea with milk and orange/lemon as the reaction
between the two causes curdling, which any tea expert
obviously knows.

I drink heaps and heaps of tea. I have had 30 tea
bags to drink since Wednesday. I know this because my
box is empty (which, for my Waukee teachers, is much
worse than my well being full).


Kiwi lanugage lesson of the week: vowels and

Diane convinced me that many of the words Kiwis use
sound different because they use a bit of Maori
dialect. For example, the vowel 'a' would make the
'ah' sound instead of what we hear in 'apple',
therefore giving Kiwis the excuse to say words like
'cah' and 'maht' instead of 'car' and 'mart'.

Also, instead of saying the letter 'z', Kiwis say
'zed', and instead of 'w', it's 'dub'. For example,
when I read the website, it would sound
like this: double-you double-you double-you dot yahoo
dot com. To read the website, a Kiwi
would read: dub dub dub dot en zed q ay dot co dot en

Lastly, the letters 'wh' in Maori actually make the
'f' sound. Last week Diane and I visited Whangerai,
which is pronounced Fangoray. There is a town up the
road here whose name always makes me laugh; Whakatone,
or Fakatone. Say that three times fast and you'll
laugh too. It's just kinda whunny.

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