Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fine then.

During the last few months, it has been brought to my attention that a few (well, only about 3) people find my blog a bit 'depressing'. From a couple of people getting ready to move here (who don't need worse news than 'Hey! you're moving to Japan!' and are afraid to read what I have to say), to those who are older and wiser than I will be for a few years, I have heard this issue more than once (again, three times, to be exact).

This has prompted me to re-think the way I blog (for this posting only), and to assure my audience that I do, in fact, like living in Japan, and that my life really is good (the second is not so much a stretch as the first, as i use 'like' in the former sentence very loosely).

So, for one posting (and one posting only), let me portray (positively), ten things that are great about Japan:

10. I never get lost in a crowd.
9. The cute, old, baton-twirling men at the Jusco store who help me get my car out of the lot sure do keep traffic flowing nicely.
8. Since I live on the second floor, I don't have to worry about my underwear getting 'taken' off of my laundry line.
7. Eating raw fish has lowered my cholesterol.
6. Living here makes me feel like everything in America is on sale.
5. Learning to repeat myself hasn't really been a bad thing.
4. I never get lost in a crowd.

Ok. Sorry, guys, I could only think of 7 things.