Sunday, July 03, 2011


My mom would call it 'a long time coming', but after 5 years abroad and 6 trips to the States within that time, I've finally come over and cleaned the garage of all of my 'stuff'.

For years, and as the bane of my mother's existence, the garagefull of my belongings have taken precious space as dusty collection of verylarge tubs. Boxes full of children's books and teaching materials, Beanie Babies (come on, admit you went through that stage too!?), and old yearbooks, as well as baby clothes and pictures compile the majority of the me that once was.

So, this past weekend, after a four-hour process of opening each tub, gasping in surprise, taking laughing trips down memory lanes, and culling huge piles for our upcoming garage sale, I can say (to Mom's utter joy) that my garagefull of stuff has been visibly reduced to two large tubs and a handful of small buckets.

That, combined with a mere 1.5 m3 (imagine about 10 large duffels) of my personal belongings on their way to Munich, as well as the two suitcases I have with me for the summer make up everything that I own. This does include my clothing (imagine three of those duffels for this) and shoes too (imagine one large duffel of it's own for those) and combined, you could pretty much fit it all comfortably into the the bed of a medium-sized Ford truck.

(Dear future suitors: It's not to say that I don't come with a lot of baggage, it's just that it's not the physical kind...)