Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good listener

At the beginning of the second semester, we began to write weekly letters home. Each Friday, the students will write a letter to their parents about what has happened to them during the week. The parents reply and send it to school on Monday and the letters are collected into a book for each child at the end of the year. And, it's a free lesson off for me each Friday morning. Everyone wins in the end.

Our first week of letters were really good. I was impressed that, during the first time trying, the students did so well. Gustavo was no exception. The letter, although grammatically incorrect (Gustavo is a second-language learner), and without a lot of details (it was the first week, I accepted this as well), was formatted correctly, and it is evident that he did his best.

So, like all kids, I proofed it over, but in Gustavo's case, I laughed out loud when I got to the end. I scanned it immediately to share to you that kids truly do, pick up and regurgitate everything you say. Gustavo has taken my words and used them to let his parents know that all is well. Just in case they were worried...

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