Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Important question of the day: Why do parents write their child's name on the tissue boxes they send to school?

This one has always made me laugh.

I thought of it today when I pulled out a fresh box of tissues for my goobery little kiddos. I was reminded, immediately, of my little Nina from last year, as the tissue box clearly stated that the box, and all of the tissues inside, were hers.

Now, I tried to think like a parent (ha!) and imagine that, in the heat and fury of labeling everything else at the beginning of the year, tissue boxes are not exempt. But I still have a chuckle at the fact that my students' parents take the time to carefully affix labels and designed stickers to the tissue box. Sometimes I have the privilege of getting an ancient box from a kiddo from a few years back. How do I know? Because I recognize the name on the label as a current fourth or fifth grader. But luckily, I can be thankful that THAT box of tissues was so thoughtfully provided by that family.

So, to any moms and dads out there who find it important to clearly label the tissue boxes, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I think it so they can prove they bought all the necessary supplies. :)
Love ya girl! T