Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Camels 1

(as Camels 101 would be a place you could actually learn something useful about these fine, two-humped, fellow mammals...)

My knowledge of camels is about as good as my knowledge of politics,
and rightly so. But there is one camel fact that I have been
regurgitating since high school, thanks to my former science teacher, Mr.
Bechtel, who was always good for a bit of useless, but interesting

As I head out into the desert on a two-day camel safari, I would like to share one of those bits, a bit particularly pertaining to camels, with you...

Did you know that camels were among the first animals to reap the
benefits of the inter-uterine device? You see, herders long ago, not
waning to have the worries of pregnant camels during long trips across
the desert, would insert rocks inside he uterus of the female camels. As you
can imagine, the constant bouncing of the rocks, caused by nothing
more than regular movement of the camels, would ensure hat no baby
camel fetuses were able to begin life within the uterine walls.

Of course, I always wondered how they decided who got the lucky job of
placing the IUD within the camel, but I didn't think it relavant to
ask at the time.

Thanks, Bec. I guess some teachers, and their words, do stick with you for years and years...

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