Friday, January 02, 2009


Oh Lord, give us strength.

Today we checked out of our hotel at 10 am and have been wondering the city aimlessly while our luggage rested in the lobby of our hotel. There have been few opportunities to use clean toilets, and no showering.

I sit here at 8pm, India time, and in 2 hours I will be on an overnight bus to Jodhpur. No nice comfy bed for us tonight.

Tomorrow we spend the day sightseeing in Jodhpur, a city that we have been told is disgusting. We arrive there at 5am, and will not be staying the night. Therefore, we are hoping to find a place to store our luggage, and will then spend our day tiredly finding something to do. There will, again, be no resting, napping, or showering.

Tomorrow night at 11pm we board a train for an overnight trip to Jaisalmer. No nice comfy bed for us tomorrow night. No shower. Probably not a clean toilet either.

We arrive at 5am on Sunday morning and check into our (last) hotel. We'll hope for a shower and a rest before exploring Jaisalmer for a day. We will rest comfortably on Sunday night, probably taking advantage of the hot water (maybe even taking two showers, actually).

On Monday afternoon, we again store our luggage and head into the desert on camels for an overnight safari. Although this will be rock-star cool, we'll be sleeping on cots in the sand, and roughing it for a night in the cold, bare desert. There will be no comfy beds, or showers. Probably not a clean toilet either.

We come back Tuesday morning and pick up our luggage, only to go straight to the train station to catch a 20 hour, overnight train to Delhi.

We arrive on Wednesday morning, and will head to a hotel to recoup, shower, and a bit of rest, before heading out, aimlessly, to again suffer in Delhi.

Our flight leaves out of Delhi at 4am on Thursday morning. We'll be traveling for 20 hours, with a 5 hour layover in Hong Kong (hello, Burger King!), before arriving back in Nagoya at 9pm on Thursday evening. We anticipate rolling into the Bel at around 11.

The moral of this story? 6 nights, one hotel room, very few showers, and dirty toilets.

And just when we thought our vacation was starting to get good.

But, Miche reminds me that, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If Indian people don't live in luxury, why should we?

Either way, please, somebody, send us some strength...

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Danielle said...

Sounds like an awesome trip, even if it is going to be a little different! :)