Saturday, January 10, 2009

A letter to his mother

As I am set to head back to school on Monday, I thought it fitting to share one more little nugget of real from the mouth of a kiddo.

Last year, June Q was one of my favorite students. He was clever and smart, and could not sit still for the life of him. This was never an issue, though, because June Q was like a sponge, and no matter what I said, he remembered it, was thoughtful with it, and was one of the most meaningful learners I had. A bit of a pain in the rear sometimes, no doubt, but a good, good kid.

June never had trouble saying exactly what he felt. A the beginning of the year, it was a bit of an issue, but as the year went on and we dealt with kindness towards others, June's brashness changed into honesty. Often times, his honesty was worth a good laugh and chuckle, and a pat on the back.

So is the example below, where June Q, writing a letter to his mother, was very honest. Only the first paragraph is really worth reading...

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