Monday, February 16, 2009

The most romantic Valentine's Day ever...

...was supposed to be spent at the wedding of two friends. I mean, what more could you ask for on such a day? Love, laughter, revelry, wine, good-heartedness...

Instead, though, my Valentine landed himself in the hospital, which is where we were. And not just for the day, but for the whole weekend.

Now, for many reasons, this turned out to be more trouble than we would have ever imagined, as the walls of the hospital evidently have eyes and ears. But aside from that, which is a whole different story for a whole different day, the weekend was pretty much a blow.

Please hope for your very good sake that you never land yourself in a hospital like this one, which, by a friend, was called 'the hostel of hospitals'. Next to us within three feet, as well as in four other beds in the same room were the farts, coughs, and retches of older and ailing men.

Other than that, though, the food was really good*, and the matching pajama sets were comfortable. The company (Jono) and entertainment (movies, books, and nana naps) were unmatched.

And really, for Valentine's Day, what more could you ask for?


(*where 'good' = crap; it was liquid and bland for patients and Cup Noodle from the hospital store for me).

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