Thursday, May 31, 2007

My new job

Oh! You are all so smart and have so many good questions!

For those who have asked, thank you for wanting to take the time to find out more about what I'm going to be doing! I am so excited to share...

The school I'll be at, Nagoya International School, is the only English-speaking school in Nagoya, the third largest city (population: 3 million) in Japan. NIS is an American school with American curriculum. I'll be speaking and teaching in English, as most students are fluent English speakers. To speak, teach, or know Japanese will not be a requirement for this contract.

The compensation package they provide is one of the highest in international schools. Although I've only taught two full-time years, they are still starting me at Step 4 on the salary scale. Although there are taxes to pay, they are low, and after taking those, medical, retirement, pension, and utilities each month, I'll still gross more take-home salary per month than I made in Waukee. My (furnished) housing is also provided, as well as, $1000 to ship anything I want from the States, and a $1500 relocation grant to take care of any purchases I make during my first two months of settling in. My salary the second year will be higher than the first, and will rise subsequently, should I choose to stay longer. In Japan, I'll be a millionaire, as my salary in yen will be more than 4 million. Which is pretty cool.

My contract starts mid-August and lasts two years (yikes! I know!). The school pays to fly me out of Des Moines to Japan and back at the beginning and end of my contract, and a round-trip home once a year, at any time of my choosing. I get two months off in the summer, three weeks at Christmas, a week during the spring, and many three-day weekends.

I'll have full medical and dental, 100% coverage including all perscriptions. I receive 10 paid bereavement days and a full paid trip home in the case of a serious illness or death in the family. I have 5 paid personal days and 10 sick days through the year as well. A health club membership is included in my salary, and there's a golf course nearby.

I'll also be given $1000 for professional development, which I will probably use to take overseas Masters courses in either Child Development or Pediatrics (yes, doctor stuff!).

Although there's probably more, that's all I know for now. Either way, though, I'm pretty pumped for what lies ahead.

Lastly, here is the website for the school:


Tera said...

I can't wait to hear about all your adventures and discoveries!

Mom said...

What is a perscription?? :)