Monday, June 04, 2007


Christian is my cute, gay, Danish friend. He's the one on the right (not to be mistaken for Betty the tranny on the left).

Spending time with him is and has been one of the greatest pleasures during my time here. I love him in a way I can't explain. In fact, you'll find that of all my friends, his blog entry is the shortest, as words can't really explain what he means to me.

He's one of my best girlfriends, if I do say so myself.

He is the one who drives the little red barbie car which, I won't lie, looks great when we're both in it together. We'd make a cute couple. Except for that he really isn't quite my type...

We have a lot in common. We both like to gossip and talk about clothes. We both have GREAT shoes. And we both have an knack for finding the best-looking guys in any room (Even more fun? Deciding who gets to hit on him!)

I recently won a trip to Hawke's Bay for myself and a friend. Naturally, Christian was my first choice. We spent the whole weekend drinking and laying around, discussing Harry Potter and The Devil Wears Prada. Our only complaint was that we didn't get to spend more time alone, but instead were with the wine rep, Misha, who is nice, but just not our type. Oh woe.

He really, really, really listens to me and my problems, when I have them. Unfortunately, I find that many people here just don't know how to listen, so he is a rare treasure for that. And because he's feminine (by choice) and masculine (by nature), he can give me the advice from both points of view (a fabulous perk when you need advice about men and stuff).

If you want some really good gossip, let it be known that in a few years, Christian and I have considered getting married. That way, he gets an American green card and I get a European green card. I mean, he figures that he'll never legally be able to wed anyway, so why not? I figure because it's a good story to tell, why not? And oh, and how cute our little surrogate children would be!

Thank you, Christian. In the words of Andy, you're aMAZEing...

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