Saturday, May 26, 2007


Sheena Estelle Papuni, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...

(it won't take long) ;)

Truly, though, I love Sheena.

Sheens is one of my closest buds, but we couldn't be more different if we wanted to.

She's 23, beautiful, looks amazing night and day with VERY little effort, and has an amazing (23-year old) body that is wonderfully complemented by a closet full of great, expensive clothes that she didn't pay a cent for (she gets $600 free each month as part of her manager contract at a local retail store).

It drives me crazy.

She loves drama, having drama, being dramatic, creating drama, which makes her a typical kiwi. Sometimes I think she has more problems than I have shoes (which is a lot).

It drives me crazy.

When she washes dishes she doesn't rinse them. Just sticks them from the soapy water right to the drying rack (I can hear your gasps of horror from home, really, I can).

She's an incredible dancer (the body and clothes help) and looks effortless doing moves that I (shocker...) look like a moron doing.

She won't be told to do anything by anybody, and if you ask her to turn the radio down, she'll turn it up.

It drives me CRAZY!

She is ABSOLUTELY the MOST unreliable person I have ever met. Her plans change from minute to minute, and I have come to learn to NEVER count on Sheen to do something with you unless it's spur-of-the-moment. Even if it's her idea, likely is that she'll be too tired or will 'hit a wall' before you can get there to do it.

As a person who likes to plan, this drives me crazy. Because we're such good friends, I know and expect and respect her for these choices. But it still drives me crazy.

And sometimes, she can be a real, grade-a bitch.

Which at the time, drives me the craziest.

But something that Sheens should be really proud of is her incredible confidence. Now, of course, she doesn't really count herself in as a confident person. But I see otherwise. She has a great sense of people and can speak to you as if she's lived ten wise lives. At bars, she loves to flirt and is good at it (confidence built on the fact that she never gets turned down. Ever.). Confidence above and beyond her 23 years, paired with a hot body and great hair makes for a big shadow to follow, no matter where we are(although I am learning to hold my own...).

She's pretty amazing, and it kinda drives me crazy.

But, she's helped me come out of my shell a little. I have learned to be more confident when going out. I buy more fun clothes and try to eat better (not because she convinces me to, but just so I can look good next to her in my bikini...). She'll be the one I get my third tattoo with, if we decided to do one before I go.

So, all and all, although she drives me crazy, my over-dramatic flattie is one of the greatest people I know.

I hope she's one of the five people I meet in heaven, cause that'll be a rockin' party.

I love you Sheens.

126 ova and out.

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