Friday, May 11, 2007


(Instead of a card, my grandpa sent the following message this morning. I think he's quite clever, I especially like #7...).
Happy Birthday!!!!!

Since I didn't get a card sent, I am going to make you a list. It is a list of the...

10 reasons we are happy Wendy is 26!

She's old enough to vote (but only if she comes back to her own country to do it).

She's old enough to drink (as long as she can recognize the difference between a straight and a gay bar)!!!! Sorry.

She's old enough to drive. (But can she re-learn to sit on the correct side of the car to steer - and refrain from "driving" while
on the right hand Passenger seat when she returns to the US?)

According to the old saying, "She's old enough to know better" but also knows better than to resist the great things in life such as chocolate and other sticky-gooey foods.

She's old enough to be on her own (a wonderful thing for parents in terms of money and the worst thing for parents in all other ways).

She's old enough to not wet or dirty her diapers (but do realize that may return someday - just with a new name)!!!

She's old enough to make her own decisions. (Yes, Dear, we know you have been doing that for 25-plus years - just not realizing you were not old enough to do it.)

It just adds one more year of things she does of which we are proud.

She's old enough to realize how much all of us love her!!!!

And, she's old enough to know we mean it when we say, "Have a really happy birthday and many, many more!!!!!"

I love you, Wendy

Grandpa D and Marvel

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