Sunday, May 06, 2007

Three Simple Rules

When I was teaching at Waukee Elementary, my students once had an Earth Day activity to complete independently at station time. The job was to color and cut out a picture of the world, glue it to a second sheet, and write three things one could do to keep the earth beautiful.

One of my little cherubs, Jacob, hit the nail right on the head. In fact, he did such an amazing job on this project that I kept his work, framed it, and have it now hanging in my room. It's even one of the 4 prized possessions I would grab and take with me if the house was on fire...

Jacob's three simple rules for keeping Earth beautiful?

1. Help pick up trash.

2. Always keep it clean.

3. Make love and good friends.

Yup. That'll about do it, buddy.

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