Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thoughts from May

As the month wraps up, please enjoy some random thoughts.

I think it's really really cool that the toilets in this country NEVER clog. Not once, NEVER, have I seen a clogged loo. Ever.

When I come home I'm going to take a BATH. I'm tired of 3X3, square, roofless, glass showers.

A few weeks ago I put my hand through a glass window in my flat. The shocking thing was that while I bled all over the floor, I just stood there,, more upset that I just broke the window and would likely have to pay for it (sooooo poor right now). Sheena came in and said, 'Wenz! Go wash it!' Although I had 6 severe cuts on my hands and feet, this little accident wasn't enough to warrant a free trip for my parents to be with me in the hospital, courtesy of my travel insurance. But if it didn't hurt so much, I'd do it again and REALLY hurt myself so that they'd have an excuse to come.

If you want to order a Sprite in New Zealand, make sure you ask for a lemonade. If you want a lemonade, make sure you ask for a fresh lemon juice. Available at most international food courts and worth a trip.

I STILL think it's really gross that people walk in and out of stores without shoes on. Especially food stores or cafes.

I would die (just DIE) for a cup of powder, push button, instant coffee from a gas station. In a giant cup. Here, the coffee is fresh made everywhere (even gas stations), and comes in one size only: small. I still have to go to Starbucks to satisfy my large coffee requirements. Keep your small-sized coffees, you silly fools! I'm American! I want a big damn coffee!

Yesterday I made the mistake of wearing my American Cancer Society t-shirt, the Cheeseball Liverfanny one, to school on the day when I ran cross country with the kids. The mistake is that a fanny in New Zealand isn't a rear end. A fanny is the front side of the rear end. Apparently pretty inappropriate for a school setting.

Winter is settling in here. I have a heater in my room at night, but when I leave the comfort of 70 degrees each morning and walk into the hall in my flat, I can see my breath. I will appreciate central air/heat when I come home. For sure.

Two weeks ago I bought a bed (a real bed!). So I'm off the floor again. I had the GREATEST sleep in it the first night I had it. Always thought I had been fine on the floor (and I was), but am so glad I finally made the purchase. Except now I am leaving in 5 weeks and need to sell it again. Know anyone who needs a bed?

Welcome June, welcome cold, welcome my last month in New Zealand.

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Mom said...

As much as I would LOVE to come and see you in New Zealand, let's not have any serious accidents just to get us a free trip over there. I don't do blood well...