Thursday, February 01, 2007

Done and done

And back to reality.

Our Aussie tour ends today.

Being on a Contiki tour allowed me to be devoid of any responsibility whatsoever. I didn't expect that upon booking, but was appreciative of it while I was there.

Each day we were told where to be and when to be there, where we could and couldn't eat, and what was or wasn't included. Buses picked us up and dropped us off at every stop. Our hotels and most meals were arranged. I really had to sit back and enjoy. Plus, being with 45 others who are in the same place in their lives as you was a treat as well.

During my last few days I spent time deep-sea diving in the Great Barrier Reef (which cost a fortune but was worth it), hiked and slept in the Australian rainforest (did you know Australia even had a rainforest? see picture above), and saw the only place in the world where two natural ecosystems (the reef and the rainforest) come together.

And then I said goodbye and went home.

Back to reality.

(and bills) :(

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