Saturday, February 17, 2007


(for the moms and grandmas)

I am still teaching each day. I have upped my schools from two to six, and have relief work on a near daily basis.

One of my permanent jobs is a weekly relief position at Richmond Road (the original school I started at). I work for a teacher named Mareta while she has a release day each Thursday. She's got the babies, the new entrants, all five years old (like beginning kindergarten kiddos). The best part? Since it's the beginning of the year, there' s only 12 of the little (monsters) cherubs.

I am fortunate to work at very high decile (highly ranked) schools, but am still glad that I chose not to take a full time position, as the lack of consistency and coordination within them is enough to drive me mad! I am enjoying my work, though, and am learning from the (sometimes serious) challenges of each new day. Plus I am really keen on the flexibility that my job provides. I'm trying to look for some professional development courses, but the ones I am finding leave a lot to be desired. Too much money for not enough information...

My other job:
I was promoted to manager at SPQR for one of my shifts per week for a short period of time. After training for about two weeks (and doing well, I assure you), my other manager and I realized that it would be more beneficial to train someone who'd been around longer, who works more full time, and who will be around longer than I can guarantee I'll be. So, effectively, I was demoted as quickly as I was promoted. I liked doing it, but was a bit relieved when he told me that he was going to train someone else, as it's really hard to be a manager to others who've been working there for 5-6 years. So, I am still working one or two serving shift a week and doing cashier work as well, and am still getting a bit of a raise. Which helps with the raise in rent (see next line).

My flatting situation has moved from 5 to 4 people. Upon moving out, Julia has taken all but the house with her. She has taken all of the kitchen ware (and most of the kitchen), all of the furniture, my bed (back to the floor for me!) and the fridge. She has left one handle-less pot, a few pieces of cutlery, some dirty floor rugs and a dodgy couch (thanks, Julia). So although I once kicked myself for packing silverware, cheap plates and a frying pan when I came, I am now thinking that was a pretty smart idea. And I am only eating food that doesn't require refrigeration, which in this country, luckily includes eggs.

I have enrolled in a hip-hop dance class at the Auckland Centre of Performing Arts. It rocks my world. I can get the moves just fine, but I have just about as much grace as Bob Dole. Which is why I enrolled.

Most recently, I am waiting to hear back about a nanny job in Europe. I have applied for positions mostly in France, London and Greece. If a position comes through, I'll leave New Zealand within a few weeks of accepting it.

I am also still waiting to hear about teaching jobs overseas as well, although I am not sure that there are many that will suit me. Primary aged teachers in Europe seem to be quite happy with their jobs...

I have back-up plans in case neither plan happens, but we'll see how we go. I am quite happy where I am, so no need to stress either way.

Completely unrelated...:
Congrats to my teacher-friend Tamara who just got engaged to her long-lost, lifetime love. Woo hoo!

Yesterday I waited on Earl Spencer, Princess Di's brother. Which was more cool because of the fact that he is the uncle to Princes William and Harry...

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I laughed out loud when you said that Julia took all but the house with her. Out loud, I tell you.

And then I burst into tears of jealousy and rage when you said that you enrolled in a hip-hop class. You are my ONLY friend who would do that with me...and I don't know that I have the courage to take a course like that on my own. It seems funny to hyphenate hip-hop...seems too grammatically correct. Don't you think?

Missing you...