Sunday, February 11, 2007


When I decided to come to New Zealand, I knew Mary would be very excited. I never thought she would want to really actually come with though.

Her exact words were:

"Wendy! I'm coming with you, and I am NOT joking".

She wasn't...

Although it took a little push and pull, but she made the decision to expand her worldly experiences by spending a few months overseas.

But now it's Mary's time to leave.

(sad, but true)

I think Mary, like myself, has grown a lot since coming. I know she'll return to the States with a renewed sense of self and the confidence to do anything she wants, including things she might not have done previously. All because she can say she took a step and made the biggest decision of her life work out splendidly.

While here, our agendas were a bit different. Although more traveling would have been ideal, a little less leaves something for the reunion tour, right?

Mary has been a rock for me here. I have so enjoyed calling on her for lunch a couple of times each week, and she is a brilliant travel partner. Our differences allow us to be together well, as she is calm, collected, and organized, where I am not (at all). We've seen a lot, done a lot, and been through a lot, which will always be a huge part of our friendship, a part that others will never be able to understand.

(Besides, she can also say she was the official friend who was with me when I got my first tattoo...)

So Mary, I wish you the best. I hope that the explanation of all that you've seen and done does justice to the experience you actually had, even though you know it never will. But in me you'll have a friend who can always laugh at that funny joke about Canadians and hockey or your use of the term 'snow monkeys'.

Needless to say, you'll be sorely missed. Good bye and good luck Miss Mare...

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