Saturday, January 20, 2007

So much to do!

I LOVE Australia!

Since last time, I have met up with my tour group and started my trip up the east coast of Australia.

It is worth mentioning that this tour group makes the trip amazing. 45 others, just like me, who want to see Australia.

Since leaving Sydney I've seen incredible sights including the sun rising over the Pacific, held a koala, and today I became a surfer. I even got up for about 7 seconds on my last run. It was amazing.

Unfortunately, the trip is nearly devoid of good-looking blokes, as there are only 12 to the 30 sheilas on board. There are a couple, though...

We're partying like rock stars each night. Last night we went to the worst club as part of our whole group. Needless to say, two of my new, bestest girl friends and I took the party elsewhere, to a bar where there was noone. Before we knew it, the place was jamming, and we were to blame. :)

Oh. And did I mention that I now own TWO pairs of skinny jeans?

I pretty much feel like I'm 20 again. Which is ok.

(no, actually it's great...)

1 comment:

Aimee said...

Skinny jeans???! NOOoooooo!!!! Circa
1986! But you are 20, so you can pull them off! ; )