Friday, February 02, 2007

Who wins?

Australia v. New Zealand

Best accent: Aussie (hands down)

Cuter boys: Aussie (hands down)

More things to do: Aussie

Cheapest: Aussie

Best cafes: New Zealand

Best mussels: New Zealand

Best city: Sydney (hands down)

Best landscape: tie

Better national anthem: New Zealand

Most beautiful overall: New Zealand

Funnier looking money: tie

Better weather: New Zealand

Best drivers: Australia

Best grammar: neither

Best rugby: NEW ZEALAND (hands down)

Best cricket: who cares?

Which am I most likely to visit on my reunion tour: New Zealand for the memories, Australia for all that I haven't seen...

Overall winner: is in the head of the writer (which will stay private, thank you very much...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Best cafe's in NZ ????????
Who are you trying to kid here miss wendy ?? You obviously never made it to melbourne on your travels ?

Cam & Mel