Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mary says

When Mary got home, she e-mailed me right away. It's interesting to see that the 'weirdness' goes backwards as well, and things we once found common at home are now unfamiliar and worth mentioning. Her e-mail from home follows:


"Things I did immediately upon getting to Union Square in San
Francisco...went into the Gap. You aren't missing much, but it is still way
better than Supre and Glassons. Then I ate an authentic, well sort of,
burrito at the food court! It was delicious!

Things I have noticed since arriving home about an hour and half ago:
there is too much water in the toilet bowl*, and it feels strange to
shower in a shower with a bathtub**.

I have caught myself getting ready to say "flash," and I have
repeatedly said "no worries" and "I'll see how I go."

I was nervous about maybe not remembering how to drive, but when I
drove to Gigi's for lunch on Tuesday, it was completely second nature!

I asked my dad if he'd ever heard of vegemite, and he said yes, but
he's never tried it.

When I plug something in to the outlet, I keep reaching to flip on the
switch (but, it is nonexistent, of course!).***

My parents have 5 huge jars of mild salsa in their pantry...my dad eats
it on everything...I forgot how much I missed salsa..."


*in New Zealand there is about 1-2 cups of water in each toilet bowl
**90% of showers here are square, 3x3 showers
***EVERY light switch here has a toggle switch to turn the current on, and it is common practice to always have the electricity off unless the outlet is in use.

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