Monday, January 15, 2007

Lauren and Simon

Traveling is all about connections.

In my adventures so far, I have met the most amazing people who live all over the world. And I have met people who know people who live all over the world, so that even if I don't know them, my friends do. Like friends of a friend of a friend.

But it's still all about connections.

In Melbourne, Mary and I have been set up with Lauren and her husband Simon through my connection with Tera, my bestest Florida friend, who I know through traveling to Maine.

Lauren is an ex-pat from Merrett Island, Florida, where Tera is from too. Lauren headed to Australia for a holiday about three years ago and met her husband, Simon. They've been married since not too long after she arrived (good on you, Lauren!).

I got in touch with Lauren once we finalized our plans for coming to Melbourne, and she offered to take us around for some shopping. For her occupation, Lauren buys incredible clothes at cheap prices and re-sells them on Ebay. She is also looking into designing her own label very soon. She knows her shopping. So on Monday, she took us to her favorite part of town for shopping and we had a ball.

That evening, we met up with her and Simon for dinner. They took us to the most INCREDIBLE Italian restaurant for dinner. Best pizza I've ever had. The wine was incredible too - they sell it in a litre carafe for $12. We each had our own pizza and shared a litre and a half of red wine for less than $60AU (about $50US). Then we had the best gelati ever, and went to a bar to sit on comfy vintage couches while drinking (more) red wine and listening to Michael Jackson.

Simon and Lauren were great hosts, and it was a night I'll never forget.

Now, the moral of this story is that traveling is all about connections. Had we not met up with Lauren and Simon (through Tera, bless you...) my (as I can't speak for Mary) personal experience in Melbourne would have been mediocre. We would have walked around the city and seen the sights that we could on limited budget, transportation, and time. But instead, we could easily come back to Melbourne again with a new sense of understanding of more of the city because of the generosity of new friends.

Friends who, through connections, might someday have a place to stay with me, wherever I may be...

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Simon said...

told you the pizza was good ! simon