Monday, January 15, 2007

The land of OZ

(really, though, I am not sure how they got Oz out of Australia, but I've learned not to question these kinds of things...)

In Aussie, safe and sound.

The two words I'd use to describe Australia on first sight: big and brown.

New Zealand: vegetative. Australia: dry and dead.

Hot too. I prefer temperatures between 20-25(C), tomorrow it's supposed to be 39.

The hotel we're staying in is a bit dodgy, but they do have A/C, which I haven't seen since leaving America. In fact, to me, A/C in New Zealand means 'always cold.' But seeing a heating/cooling unit makes me feel a bit more civilized again.

This girl was like a giddy child once she had her Australian Open tickets in hand. I haven't squealed that much since, well... that's none of your business. But it's been awhile.

Oh, and no streets in Australia are named after Martin Luther King Jr. But happy MLK Jr. day anyway?

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