Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hawks RULE

True story:

While out shopping yesterday I went to a very cool vintage store that I frequent quite often. The FIRST thing I spotted on sale was an old vintage Iowa State University hat (which made me squeal with delight, literally, out loud). This thing was probably circa 1983. And I wondered who went all the way to America in 1983 to buy an Iowa State University hat only to give it to a vintage shop 23 years later.

And then I thought, 'Well, anyone. Who wants an Iowa State University hat?'


Anonymous said...

Miss Foreman,

As a result of this little item about my beloved cyclones, you are now out of my will, too.

Still love you. Oh, btw, the Cyclones won last night; the hawkeyes lost!

Grandpa D

Mom said...

I DO, I DO!!! I hope the hat is on its way to the states to your favorite mom :) CYCLONES RULE!!!!!

wendy said...

you are a punk! i'm guessing that the reason the cylcone hat was still there was the cost! they probably priced this priceless hat outrageoulsy so only a true cyclone fan would consider it!