Thursday, January 11, 2007

Enough about me!

Since I've been gone...

my dad got a new job (and now he has more than my mom and I, if that's possible...).

my little sister Sara got a rabbit.

my little brother Sam has gotten so tall!

Nikki has kept on keeping on in her (incredibly challenging) classroom (Go Nik!).

Tera and Zach just bought a FLASH new bed and celebrated a Gator win in the BCS.

my grandparents have migrated to Tucson once again.

my mom decided she wanted to live forever...

Kelli and Justin had a baby! Welcome, Corbin! (see picture above).

Jess and Ty had a baby too! Welcome Ella (and hello to big sister Addie).

the MOs have moved.

the Elders have stayed right where they are.

my brother Tyler started high school this fall!

my friend Jen has happily rekindled an old romance (and consequently has been opening up to her more conservative side...).

my 88-year old great grandmother tried to send me orange salad for Christmas (but customs ate it)!

Auntie Barb has officially given my portion of the beneficiary money to my cousin Ruby.

Grandpa and Marvel have continued charitable work for children.

Don and Jean became grandparents (congratulations!).

Jen and Pete went to London and back.

my friend Ben and I talk more.

my teacher friends and I talk less (I miss you guys!). :(

Dad and Lisa are celebrating their 11th year together!

my cousin Ryan moved all the way across the country.

my cousin Adam has stayed right where he is (good on you, Adam!)


So, go on... Live your lives! Keep on keepin' on!

(just keep me posted?)

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