Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okinawa from 1000 feet

This week was full of best things ever. Laying on the beach, good looking Marines, sun and sand, and all things American. But, truly, one of the BEST things ever was flying above Okinawa at a little over 800 feet, in a small cessena, flown by a retired FAA pilot.

For one hour we were shown the sights and scenery of the entire west coast of Okinawa. I rode in the front (in typical Wendy fashion) and Jen and Ray were happy to fly in the back.

Worst part? That I tried to joke with the pilot about how much the Stealth Jet tour cost and that he didn't find it the least bit funny.
Best part? The sunset over the ocean, the beauty of Okinawa at dusk, and taxiing with F-16 fighter jets that shortly took off, right in front of our eyes (and at the mercy of our ears!) after we landed.

It was something that I will never, ever forget.

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