Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 down, 5 to go

Finally, finally, in all of my long years of playing golf (which is 2), I've tackled my new favorite sport on two continents: America and Asia.

What has stopped me from playing in Japan so far? The $200 price tag, required suit, and 8 hour play time necessary for a formal round on mainland.

In Okinawa, though, on the bases where all things are American, 18 holes, a cart, and club rentals set me back about $36.

And, fortunately for me, Kyle and his friend Langdon are both avid golfers.

So, on Thursday morning, bright and early, I laced up my sneakers, threw on some sunscreen, and headed out for 18 of the most beautiful holes I have ever seen. The base is right along the ocean, boasts 18 different holes, and allows amazing views of the most amazing (and loud) airplanes taking off from the hangers less than 500 meters away.

My golf partners were pretty great too. Langdon, a triathlete and great golfer, led the team in our best-ball game. Kyle and I, who finally warmed up around hole 14, contributed as well. We told dirty jokes, ate and drank the whole way through, and had a great boy's day out.

Oh, and my cowboy hat only fell off once...

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