Friday, October 24, 2008

A New Inisight...

(by guest blogger Rachel Hall)

the sharp salute, stony gaze, red, white, and blue
medals of every kind ; ribbons, planes, bars, stars, stripes, gold, sliver, bronze, and purple
yes maam no maam, forward march, company halt, freedom
taps, star spangled banner, trumpets, horns, drums
children laughing, wives crying, joy, sadness, fear, disappointment, love
perceived situation

gate guards, guns, boredom, frustration
inequality, stolen identity, shackles, bondage
grey, drab, stoney, ancient
pregnant mothers, running children, chaperoned streets
music echoing at 8 and 6
compromise, patience, elation, love
precious time, stolen moments
tears, letters, laughter, fear,
red, white, blue, freedom?

1 comment:

Jen in Japan said...

Rachel, this poem is awesome! I love it. Please stay in touch. I am so glad we had the chance to spend a week together!