Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting better all the time

When I accepted this job, I remember worrying about the smallest stuff. I wasn't so concerned about curriculum, how many students were in my class, the obvious language barrier, or anything of that sort. Instead, though, I was terribly concerned with what color my curtains would be, the size of sheets I would ned for my bed, and what color picture frames would best accentuate my new place.

I remember getting the e-mail, with 8 whole pictures, showing me what my apartment would look like:

Then, I remember getting here and having very, very little (items and money) to decorate with. It was tragic how bare and lonely my place was, and I preferred, at all costs, not to be in it as much as possible. Although it was better than the pictures had previewed for me before coming, it still wasn't home:

Since arriving (and it has taken a good year to do so), my place has gotten better and better. And now, a year later, I find myself (figuratively) in the same place that my more tenured (and by tenured I mean 'have been in Japan longer than me') friends were a year ago - where the new people walk into my place and say (just as I did a year ago) ' Your place is actually furnished!' and 'I love how this looks over here.' or 'Where did you get that?' or 'It sure smells good in here - what is that great scent??"

After all this time, A205 has become a place that I actually enjoy spending time in, by myself, or with the company of others.

It's my home. And it's a nice place to be...

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Jerry said...

I think you should submit these to Jill. Perhaps a Japanese edition of Decorating would be a money maker.