Friday, October 24, 2008

Firsts and Lasts

Our last day in Okinawa was filled with many firsts, which included:

... me waking up on the couch.
... Rachel waking up with a scotch hangover
... taking Jen and Kyle's dog Hari to the vet, where he peed on the floor, and was eventually taken in to be neutered.
... makeovers by the keen makeup girl at Lancome.
... a long, long walk with Jen, wwhere we divulged our deepest darkest secrets.
... a ride in the slowest, giant ferris wheel along the ocean, which delivers some of
the best views of downtown base central (well, best next to being 1000 feet in the air in a cessna, that is).
... a fine pot-luck dinner, which included baked beans and Mountain Dew, so generously
provided by Uncle Sam and the US Marine Corps.
... being asked to take our lighters OUT of our checked luggage to be instead carried
on the plane (what the??).
... getting away with bringing two 70 pound suitcases for check-in and not being
questioned for even a second.
... all of Rachel's luggage arriving ON TIME!

Our last day in Okinawa was filled with many lasts, as well. Some of them, sadly, included:

... one last day at the beach.
... a few last bikini photos before having to put them away for winter.
... the last $150 splurge at the Post Exchange (hello, new makeup brushes!)
... one final cornerside Starbucks or two.
... the last use of our MOR citations to get us on base.
and lastly, most unfortunately,
... one last goodbye to new friends, old friends, and some fine-looking Marines as

I think Ray and I both left a bit of our hearts in Okinawa, and I, for one, look forward to visiting again soon.

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Mom said...

TWO 70 POUND suitcases for a one week trip????