Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dear Mom,

Help! I'm turning into you!

I told you that I am tirelessly playing mommy to a family of 4, right? Well, that gig thankfully runs out on Sunday night. I am off all day on Monday, and wholly plan on spending it in retail therapy, shopping my arse off, trying to rid myself of the smell of children who aren't mine.

This experience, however, has not lacked its share of interesting experiences, both humbling and amusing, one of which I especially want to share with you...

This past week, on the way to school, the children were warily riding along in the car on the way to school. In Nagoya, there is only one station that plays non-Japanese music, and, out of lack of options, we had it on. To the kids' dismay, this station is known for playing more 'retro' music, and obviously isn't their favorite, but beats the option of alternative Japanese jibberish.

My mom moment?

It happened before I could even stop myself...

It started that same morning, when I heard the familiar voice of Phil Collins. I was singing along to the words, and I had just begun to say, 'Ooh! I love this so--,' when I noticed that all 4 kids were staring at me like I was an alien.

I guess they aren't Genesis fans.

And then, at that moment, I felt like you, who used to get the alien look from me when really dumb songs from the 70's would come on in the car.

Now, Mother, I humbly bow down and apologize to you.

And I guess, while I am at it, thank you for always cooking my meals. Even the ones I didn't like. I am sorry I probably never said thank you. Except for taco casserole, the mere mention of which will still get you the alien look...


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