Friday, February 01, 2008

I swear...

...all the time!

(parental caution on this one, folks - PLEASE do not read any further if you are a young child or one of my grandparents!!)


It's one of my FAVORITE things to do in Japan!


Because no one knows what the bloody hell I am saying! Ever!

My favorite line, as I'm fleeing down the slopes, out of control?

'Out of the way, b#%@*es!'

We all do, it, though. Because we can, we drop f- and s- bombs ALL the time. And to be honest, when you're living here, it's nice to have a bit of freedom in your words, something you can have a laugh about with your friends, while not actually offending others.

I only mention this because yesterday, I was pleased to find out it's not just me. Justin and Kerianne are the same (no, Mom, it's not JUST me, I promise!). They have come to affectionately refer to their car as D.M.F., where the first word is 'Dozo' which means 'Please' in Japanese. Sometimes, for fun, we say it (the name of the car) under our breath to people as we hold doors open. A favorite target? The elderly, who just bow, smile and say thank you.

You're welcome, b$%&#es.

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