Friday, February 01, 2008

Help us out!

Hello all!

I am looking for your quick help for a project I'd like to do with my kiddos...

Taking an idea from some fabulous teachers in Iowa, my class of students and I are trying to collect 100 postcards, from around the world, to celebrate the 100th day of school.

My kiddos have all taken notes home with them this weekend, and will start asking family and friends as well, but since I have so many great family, friends, former students, co-workers, and so on, I wanted to ask all of you too!

So... please help us out!?!

We would love a postcard from you, from wherever, and from any of your friends (so pass it on!) to be sent to us! But you'll have to act fast, as the 100th day of school is rapidly approaching (February 12!). The postal service is quite fast here, and if the postcard is in the mail by next Thursday (the 7th) at the latest, there should be no problem getting it on time.

Here is the address:

Miss F. and 2B
Nagoya International School
2686 Minimihara

Again, pass it on, spread the word, and we'll see just how many people, from all over the world, we really know! And, chances are, we can sing your national anthem too...

Thank you!

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