Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lesson Number 1

'Ohayo' (o-hi-o) means 'good morning'.

'Ohayo goziamusu' (o-hi-o goya-zia-mus) means 'good morning' (formal).

'Konnichi wa' (koe-nee-chee-wa) means 'hello'.

'Konban wa' (kone-ban wah) means 'good evening'.

'Oyasami Nasai' (oh-yah-so-me nas-sie) means 'good night'.

'Watashi wa Kanada-jin de wa arimasen' means 'I am not Canadian' (dammit!)...

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nik said...

The summer before fourth grade my marmie sent me, my sister, and Melissa to Japanese lessons at Hoover High School. That particular summer was the one where we went to every single day camp imaginable (Living History Farms, Zoo, Camp Sunnyside, Girl Scout, basketball, etc.) Japanese camp took the cake though. It was so odd. We did stretches in the morning before our lessons. In any case, I remember some of those words that you listed, and I do believe that 'toto' means dog in Japanese. 'Mamasan' and 'Papasan' are the words, I believe, for mother and father. We also learned other family member names, but I have since forgotten them. Ah, yes. Japanese camp...what a great memory.