Monday, June 11, 2007


This is Joe.

(Well, this is Joe and I playing waiter and waitress at SPQR about three weeks ago...)

Joe is tall and handsome (and straight). He has a beautiful smile and big blue eyes, and he looks great in skinny jeans. He's usually pretty kind and generous and could be trusted with your life. He has great taste in music and a really cool middle name.

Joe and I were just-friends for a long time. Probably since the day I started working with him at SPQR. And then, for one short time, Joe and I tried to be more-than-friends. It was great, and we had a damn good time of it. While it lasted...

Unfortunately, though, we turned into those people who fail at being more-than-friends-with-a-friend. Even more unfortunate (but probably foreseeable) is that we aren't really even just-friends any more.

Nevertheless, I have learned a few valuable lessons from Joe, which I am grateful for. In the end, I like to think what goes around comes around, and that giving to others is usually the right thing to do, even if giving, or giving up, isn't what you really want.

Although it's taken me more than a month to be able to write considerate things about him, Joe's contribution to my time in New Zealand makes him a worthy person to mention. Plus, I'm almost positive our paths will cross again soon. And secretly, I'll possibly, potentially, most likely look forward to it.

So that's Joe.


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