Friday, December 26, 2008


Dear fellow travelers,

Let me talk to you a bit about traveling, and prepare you with advice that might help you in future planned trips.

1. Never go to India without a plan.

Upon booking this trip two months ago, Mike and Miche and I sat down to do some planning. Distressed by the amount of effort going into it, and the inability to wrap our heads around what we really wanted to do, we decided to just get to India and go with the flow.

2. Never go with the flow in India.

The flow will never, ever go with you. Imagine, for example our shock to find out that trains anywhere in India need to be reserved up to 20 days in advance. Now, imagine our heightened shock to find this out the night before we were planning on going to the next city on the train tickets that we wanted to by right then and there.-

3. In India, what can go wrong, will go wrong.

And we aren't kidding about this one. Hotels? Booked. Trains? Booked. Private drivers? Expensive. Diarrhea? Eminent.

4. Expect to compromise.

Four people, traveling for different purposes and interests are bound to knock heads. And that hurts. A helpful tip? Never go to India without a plan...

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