Saturday, December 06, 2008

To mom...

Dear Mom,

This Christmas I am planting you some tulips! I know how much you love them, and you have instilled that love in me. They are my favorite flower, and so, before the first snow is expected tomorrow, I am planting the bulbs. 16 of them in all. I think that might be the first year you gave me tulips for my birthday, thus growing my love for them since then.

I know you are not here to see them, and when they bud and bloom, I will send lots of pictures. But, I hope you smile knowing that flowers in your honor have been planted very far away.

Happy Christmas!

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Mom said...

I'm definitely smiling - I am very honored that you are planting tulips in Japan because of our shared love of them. I can't wait to see pictures. I can only imagine how they will look on your balcony - don't let the wet clothes stunt their growth!!! These tulips are the next best thing to seeing you!! LOVE YOU!!! Merry Christmas Sweetie.