Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cow Question

If I thought my grandpa Foreman read this blog, I would ask him the following question:

'Grandpa, is it possible for a cow to have both udders and horns?'

I'm no bovine expert, but the cows in India sometimes have both, which leave my fellow, (and coincidentally lactose-intolerant) travel companions, and I, quite confused.

Any help with this one? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Well, dear... being married to a bull raising husband I can tell you, yes, absolutely! Horns have absolutely nothing to do with male vs. female, horns are simply genetic. We have some right here in Iowa that you are welcome to come see anytime!!!! :) Love ya and I keep praying and keeping up with you with your blogs!
Hugs-Tamara :)