Thursday, December 04, 2008

How did she know!?

First of all, let me say how much I think that everyone should own a scanner. Everyone. No joke.

Were it not for the new scanner I purchased for my classroom (thank you, second grade budget!), I would not be able to send to you future posts that show the adorable things that children say. I am thankful to be able to share these with you, and to make you laugh, all on account of my students and on behalf of my scanner.

Last year, on the last day of school I had my students, as well as the students in the other second grade classroom write a letter to this year's incoming students (my current students). The exact assignment was to write to incoming second graders, teaching them about three things: Miss F. (that's me!), the classroom expectations, and the learning that students will be doing. It was intended to be read on the first day of school to my newbies. Unfortunately, the first days are always too overwhelming for these little guys, and the information in the letters is a bit much for them. Instead, after having had me for four months, it has been fun for them to NOW hear them, to see the similarities in last year's class and themselves, and to make connections. So, recently, I started reading these letters a few at a time.

My current kiddos (and I!) laugh when they hear certain information again and again; namely 'no running in the hall', 'be productive', and 'try not to make Miss F. cranky', among other things.

But JinHee, one of last year's little jewels, in describing me, accurately fit me to a tee in the fourth sentence. These kiddos didn't think it quite as funny (they obviously don't understand dirty humor at 7 years old...) as I did (imagine me choking when reading it out loud), or as David, a friend of mine and Jayden's dad, who was sitting in the classroom on a visit the morning I decided to read this and a few other letters, out loud.

I dare any of you to paint a better picture, in one sentence, of the reason for my being on Earth...

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Jean said...

Oh, Wendy... you must have this framed! I'm getting a bottle of water for you ready the next time I see you! (It might be a good present.) Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Actually -- I like the picture of the water bottle and book the best! Jenni

Tera said...

Oh kids say the darndest things?! Zach wishes you were his teacher in 2nd grade... or 12th grade... ;)