Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Japanese Baseball!

Last night, I had my first experience! I saw my beloved Chunichi Dragons at last!

First, I arrived, and was presented with food choices such as squid, sake, and noodles. I chose a hot dog (obviously) and beer, on account that they didn't have nachos. Jerks.

When I accidentally dumped half of my fries on the ground, I picked them up and ate them with no hesitation, realizing that the floor of that stadium was actually probably cleaner than my dishes at home.

Then, I cheered when I was supposed to, and didn't cheer when I was not supposed to. It's like a rule.

Lastly, when it was over, I picked up my own trash (I know, right?),and threw it away.

Ah, baseball - what a universal language.

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