Sunday, April 06, 2008

Real letters from real parents

It's time for another installment of 'e-mails I get from my classroom parents'. I tell you, these e-mails are one of the best parts of my job. They make me smile EVERY time. And it helps me to understand how ridiculous I must sound when I try to speak Japanese...

(names have been removed for privacy)



How was your trip? X is waiting for you.

I have to say bad news. X had broken his knee at music last Thursday.
X can't walk expect with the crukch. Now it is important that X would not move his leg.
Could you put him in the tall chair. Can my husband bring him to classroom in the morning early?
Because X need someone help. And after school se will pick X up at classsroom.

Thanks , I will call office tomorrow morning.

X's mom

(I recieved this one while I was gone. As I haven't been to school yet, I am wondering how student X broke his knee at music...)


Dear Wendy ;

Thank you for your hard working for the classs...
I wanna inform you about our family's short trip...

From tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (Dec. 11th and 12th), our faimily will make a family trip to Hokuriku area of Japan.

So, Y can't attend to the class. By this trip, Y can understand a lot more about Japanes culture..

If you have any other question, please give me a email or tel any time....

and also, please infrom this to the office, so they can manage the bus rides......

Thank you again and have a wonderful winter.

from Y's father


Hi, how are you? I heard you and the NIS from Z
everyday. I always thank you for caring Z at
school. I think that Z and her sisters are
getting better to accommodate themselves to new school
life. But English is always a problem.

I know it is hard time for you to teach Z who
doesn't understand English and for Z not to fully
understand what's going on in class.

Usually we take 2~3 hours a day to do class homeworks
and ESOL homeworks. But Z and I will try hard to
do as possible as we can.

I wonder if she could play with other classmates well
or not. She made many good friends in Korea, but she
has prolem to communicate in English with friends so
far. As a mother, my first primary concerns are
English and making friends at school for Z.
Please let me know if she has problems in school life.

Thank you for your help again.


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Nik said...

That last one is so sweet. I smiled in a sad, sympathetic way. How frustrating not to be able to communicate with your classmates.
:( Do you have many with language troubles?