Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dinner Party

The one thing I can say about the Japanese is that they can be really nice people. Once the barriers come down.

I teach two adult classes, which I picked up in the hope of meeting friends, only to find out I was awarded, what are probably, the only two 50 and older English-learner classes in the city.

But, for all of their years of age, they can be pretty funny sometimes. Like tonight.

My last activity of the evening was called Dinner Party. For this activity, I gave pairs a worksheet with the names of 40 famous people. They had to work together to choose 10 to invite to a 'dinner party', but for each guest, they had to explain why they had chosen him/her to invite.

Surprisingly, nobody chose Jesus, Hitler, or Buddah, but they did choose the following, word for word, and had good reasons to suit (please keep in mind these are beginning English learners who had NO help from me):

John Lennon: I want to hear Hey Jude live.

Albert Einstein: I want to discuss relative theory.

Cleopatra: I want to measure her height.

John Lennon: We want him to tell us he really loves Ono Yoko.

Cinderella: We want to ask what she will be at the end of the story.

Galileo: He shows me the movement of stars.

Romeo and Juliet: We want them to meet at our party.

Harry Potter: We want him to prepare the party.

J. S. Bach: I want to see his wig.

Adam and Eve: We want to give them cloths.

Harry Potter: I want to meet him and his friends and by magic clean house and make dinner.

(and my personal favorite)

Madonna: We want her to sing like a virgin.


amanda said...

Love this post!!

Nik said...

What a riot! I am showing this to my parents!! What a great idea for an activity!