Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Survivor Man

Err... Survivor Girl, that is...

Have you ever heard of the show Survivor Man? They take this guy and put him in the most random places in the world to fend for himself and live off of what the land gives him. Like the show Survivor, but just for one person. I always thought it sounded like a great concept for a show, until I became Survivor Girl. Yesterday...

Imagine, if you will, the WORLDS WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO. I found myself in it yesterday...

I was driving down the street (lah de dah) in my friends Roger and Kerry's car, on my way to the bus station to pick them up from their trip home. I made the choice to take my eyes off the road for two or three moments, and before I could look back up again, I hit a curb, immediately flattening the front tire.


So, I pulled into an empty lot to check the damage and assess the situation. My assessment is as follows:

1. I've just wrecked someone else's car.
2. It's bloody freezing outside.
3. I know how to fix a tire, but can't be bothered to get out in the cold to do it.
4. I don't speak the language and can't call for help.
5. EVERYONE I know is out of the country. EVERYONE (not just most people, mind you).
6. It's a holiday - nothing is open.

So, I check my mobile phonebook to make sure there's nobody I can call, and I find Kumi's number. My friends Kumi and Daniel are around, in fact, I am slated to have dinner with them later in the evening. I call and call and call, but Kumi doesn't answer her phone. I don't have her home phone, or Daniel's mobile.


I'll just have to fix the tire myself.

Easy enough, I guess, until I opened up the boot and realized that Roger doesn't have a tire kit in his trunk. A tire, yes, but no tools to fix it. No jack, no wrench, no nothing.


So, let's review: I can't fix the tire as there are no tools. I can't call for help from a friend, I can't communicate with the locals, and it's a holiday, so everything is closed.


What would you do?


T.C. said...

Hi Wendy
Doesn't surprise me--- I've seen you drive!!!LOL, Have a Happy New Year!!!, I have enjoyed reading your exploits.

Tom Cooper

Mom said...

What??? No AAA in Japan??? I hope it all turned out well for you - you will have to let us know. Happy New Year!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Aunt Jenni said...


Then wait and hope that someone nice and whom I can communicate with at least a little bit will see my predicament and stop to help.

Wouldn't McGuyver or Martha Stewart skills of turning everyday things into helpful and useful tools come in handy here?

So what did you do?


Steve said...

Neat time - use survival skills to light fire underneath car. Under the gas tank should do it.

Stand well back.

Anonymous said...

Hail a taxi and then tell them, "Moshi, moshi. Moshi, moshi, moshi." And while I was talking I would be gesturing toward the car. The cabbie would catch on.